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GO eXplore

To save you the hassle of researching and so you can relax and enjoy your holiday, we have shared our local knowledge and expertise by listing  our favourite: walks, food n drink, things to do and other local recommendations.


Whether it’s a full days hike, an evening meal out or a few hours walk with a pint with fish and chips to finish, GO eXplore has it all here.


This is our favourite fish and chip shop ever. The quality never falters and the team are simply lovely. Beware - they close at 8pm!

We often put in an order, have a couple of drinks and grab our food at 7.45pm.

After a long walk you can grab a pint from next door and sit outside the shop with fish & chips - what a treat!

Opening hours:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday


4.30- 8pm

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